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Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro Programmable Pump Espresso Machine, Black/Stainless Steel

(9 customer reviews)


Brand Capresso
Capacity 2.1 Pounds
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 12″D x 13″W x 10″H
Special Feature Milk FrotherDrip TrayProgrammable

  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted.Filter type:Reusable
  • FAST AND CONSISTENT: 15 bar pump stainless-steel lined Thermoblock provides the ultimate crema
  • SELF-TAMPING: Portafilter will automatically tamp the espresso with minimal effort
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Press and hold programming for single or double cup buttons.1450W
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANK: Convenient filling with 34 ounce removable water tank
  • PERFECT FROTH: High pressure frothing creates the perfect frothing action for cappuccinos or lattes
  • HOUSING: Black with polished stainless steel accents
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The Capresso ultimate Pro features a Self-tamping porta filter and programmable cup sizes as well as a powerful Mike frothier so you can easily brew delicious espresso and Cappuccino at home.

Important information

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 10 cm



2.1 Pounds


BlackStainless Steel

Product Dimensions

12D x 13W x 10H

Special Feature

Milk FrotherDrip TrayProgrammable

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine



Filter Type



Espresso Machine

Specific Uses For Product


Included Components

MachineWater TankMeasuring Spoon

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic


1450 watts

Model Name

Ultima PRO

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

12 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

March 9 2016



9 reviews for Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro Programmable Pump Espresso Machine, Black/Stainless Steel

  1. William Thompson

    This was my 2nd purchase of this espresso machine. The first one failed after several years of use. I was able to identify the failed part but the manufacturer does not sell replacement parts (that’s why I have it 4 stars and not 5). I bought an extended warranty this time…For an inexpensive espresso “machine” it makes pretty good milk-based drinks. (I don’t normally drink a shot of straight espresso.) It heats up fast and is simple to keep clean. It does not make a dry “puck” after pulling a shot, so making one drink after another requires a good cleaning of the portafilter. It’s not a big deal unless you are trying to make several drinks in a short period of time. I use the filtered water from the fridge and have never had issues with scale build up – your results may be different.I have used regular ground coffee and it works OK. I have a Capresso burr grinder and having freshly ground beans does make a difference (I think the grinder is 7 years old – never had a problem with it). I have used coffee “grinders” that are really more like choppers. They do work, but the coffee grounds are inconsistent in size and the results are not all that great. With most burr grinders you can experiment with how finely the coffee is ground which makes a difference.Having never used a true espresso “machine” I can’t really make a comparison. My sister has a $700 machine and it is much harder to use (and takes forever to heat the water). It has its advantages but for me, this work OK. I still like Starbucks better, but I can make a lot of lattes at home for the cost of one at the store.

  2. Kubie Kat

    Our first one lasted 4 years with every day use. We think that a hose in the frother blew out because we heard a loud pop during frothing. We can’t live without got another one.We never cleaned it because I use distilled water. Maybe that could be it..but distilled is particle free of any its not an issue..but still I never took it apart to see why it blew…I just think we used it every day for 4 years….so nothing lasts forever.It will make tea, coffee, cappuccino, lattes. We love that it’s simple to use. You can order extra Porta Filter which is the handle with the filter that we have two people and I fill two and can make two on the fly.We also have a keurig which only gets used when we have guests. We use our own K-cups in it with our own coffee in that also.If you want the BEST tasting coffee…order “Cappuccino Fudge: from Zabars. They will grind it #2. And ship it. Don’t worry its not just has a wonderful flavor for an every day coffee. Warning..once you do Cappuccino will never go back to regular.

  3. Austin S

    This was fairly easy to assemble. The only metal component is the espresso basket. The heating plate that warms your cups prior to brewing is a nice touch. Every component is sturdy and has been durable so far! Makes a great strong espresso.Would recommend as a solid choice!

  4. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for an espresso maker that would give me a professional product without breaking the bank. I’m very pleased with the taste and texture of the lattes this produces, that said there are design features which could be improved. The Porta filter insert is a little difficult to install and remove. I found using a rubber jar opener circle makes it easier to change them out. Second trying to place and remove the milk container from under the frothing wand is clumsy, if you have too much milk in it there is not enough clearance, you have to tip the container sideways too much. I’m going to try and put The entire unit up on some thing to give me an extra inch or two of clearance. I do like the fact it has a smaller water container. Unfortunately, water is not pumped up from the tank it runs down through a gasketed connection to supply water for espresso and steaming. This is what failed on my latest machine, it started leaking and water would be the counter. This is the biggest reason I picked up the extended warranty. And last but not least, you fill the water tank by removing it according to directions at least once a day to empty and refill from the top, so if you want to keep it on the countertop under a cabinet you have to pull it out, take out the water tank, fill it, put it back in and push it back. This machine does seem to have planned obsolescence built into it. Is it a dealbreaker? Not sure yet but I would like to see a lower price point.

  5. duschka

    it leakscoffee it makes is actually great, but the machine emptied its tank on the piece of furniture it was sitting on. Just sitting. It just leaks, by itself. No thanks. Bought this as an amazon deal, it was 100$ or more cheaper than if I had bought it new. But what a waste of time. Someone must have returned it for the same reason I will return it, but it was sold again I suppose.

  6. Josė

    Le falto vaporEl vapor realmente no calienta la leche a tope pero si calienta, fuera de eso me satisface mucho


    La calidad del productoLa cafetera esta linda y tiene una apariencia de buena calidad… Pero al usarla filtra y gotea agua por el espumador de leche sin estar activado, solo con encenderla comienza a emitir vapor con gotas de agua dejando un desastre… Lei tarde las opiniones, me di cuenta después de comprarla que este modelo tiene ese problema… El fabricante debiera retirar este modelo y no vender problemas a los consumidores, también Amazon debiera ponerse las pilas, es una lata comprar para tener que regresar productos de los cuales saben que están defectuosos… Muchas gracias

  8. Marco Cruz

    Práctica y con excelentes resultadosUna máquina muy práctica, siempre saca la cantidad exacta de agua. Muy fácil de manejar y con el molido adecuado la extracción es excelente

  9. Carlos Gomez Mori

    Excelente productoLa máquina llegó en excelentes condiciones. No ha fallado ni una vez, fácil de usar y limpiar.

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